Thompson Chain-Reference Bible – A Review

se it well until I was 25! Dr. Frank Charles Thompson first published the cross-reference notes in the wide margin of his Bible in 1908. The TCRB is a comprehensive cross-reference tool that has been used for Bible study since then. It has more than 4,000 topical listings and 100,000 marginal references. In light of search engines and the growing use of Bible study software, is there still a void that the TCRB can fill? This is the primary question I seek to answer in this review.


Bible Reading Tools

The goal is not to check of a list of chapters or to finish reading the whole Bible in 365 days. The goal is to let the Words of Christ dwell in us richly in all wisdom (cf. Col 3:16). For what does it profit a man if he reads the entire Bible but does not understand what he reads? Let me share some of my favorite resources that I’m utilizing in my Bible reading this year. The first three tools are probably sufficient tools for many. To those who want a little more challenge, I have added two more.


NIV Study Bible: Fully Revised Edition — A Review

Christians of the 21st century have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to Bible study tools. One valuable resource for God’s people is a study Bible. While there are many kinds of study Bibles, they are not all created equal. The best study Bibles are those that help the reader understand the Bible better. That is the goal of the NIV Study Bible, which is now in its 35th year. Having owned several study Bibles (ESV Study Bible, MacArthur, CSB Study Bible, etc.) and having reviewed other study Bibles here and here, I have seen the same helpful features that are found in many study Bibles. This includes charts, maps, and comments on the text. These features seem to be a given for study Bibles. In this review, however, I want to point out five unique features that I find to be the strengths of the NIV Study Bible.


Brand New! NIV Life Application Study Bible 3rd Ed – A Review

More than any other generation in church history, our era has been blessed with a wealth of tools for understanding and applying the Bible. One of these tools is the NIV Life Application Study Bible (NIV LASB). I received a review copy of the NIV Life Application Study Bible, Third Edition free of charge as… Continue reading Brand New! NIV Life Application Study Bible 3rd Ed – A Review