The Jesus Bible (Artist Edition) – A Review

Many who read the Bible in a year feel the struggle by the time they reach Leviticus. How can one read Leviticus theologically and devotionally? Enter The Jesus Bible. I received a review copy of The Jesus Bible (Artist Edition) free of charge as a member of BG2 and a #BibleGatewayPartner. This Bible is available… Continue reading The Jesus Bible (Artist Edition) – A Review


“The Hermeneutical Spiral” by Grant Osborne: A Book Review

In The Hermeneutical Spiral, Osborne argues that biblical interpretation entails a “spiral” from text to context, from original meaning to significance for today’s church (p. 22). As one wrestles with biblical interpretation, he is spiraling nearer and nearer to the text’s intended meaning for contemporary significance. For Osborne, the hermeneutical enterprise has three levels: 1)… Continue reading “The Hermeneutical Spiral” by Grant Osborne: A Book Review


Charles Simeon Trust

Last week, I had the privilege of participating in a Charles Simeon Trust workshop in Charleston, SC. The focus was preaching historical narrative in 1 Samuel. The organization is named after Charles Simeon, a faithful Bible preacher in England during the 1700s. Charles Simeon pastored for fifty-four years, faithfully preaching God's Word Lord's day after… Continue reading Charles Simeon Trust