Recommended Podcasts – Part 2

Whether I’m driving on the highway, running on the elliptical, or playing NBA 2K, I like to tune in to some podcasts. I have classified them into two categories. Last week, I posted six podcasts for learning the Bible and pastoral ministry. You can see them here. In this post (#7-#10), the podcasts are more leaning towards academic discussions.

7. Church Grammar

Brandon Smith, a Ph.D. candidate from Ridley College in Australia, interviews Bible scholars and discusses a wide-range of theological topics. While the topics may seem more academic, anyone can profit from this podcast. The roster of interviewees includes Thomas Schreiner, Kyle Strobel, Lynn Cohick, Matthew Bates, Richard Bauckham, Larry Hurtado, Michael Bird, Kevin Vanhoozer, Carmen Imes, Gavin Ortlund, Matthew Barrett, Jen Wilken, and Patrick Schreiner. What a cast!

8. Life and Books and Everything

This is a podcast hosted by Kevin DeYoung along with Collin Hansen and Justin Taylor. As the title suggests, the topics center around books, but can include pretty much any topic under the sun. Lots of good book recommendations here and lots of good discussion on topics like politics, sports, movies, or current events. They do talk about controversial stuff like conspiracy theories on Covid19 (ep. 5), George Floyd and civil rights (ep. 6), systemic racism (ep. 7), and kneeling during national anthem (ep. 8). While Christians continue to be divided on controversial issues, I’m glad these men are not dodging the questions.

9. Theologically Speaking

My alma mater, BJU Seminary, started its own podcast with Eric Newton as the host. The episodes that interest me the most were reflections on the pandemic with Greg Mazak and Greg Stiekes (ep. 2), critical theory with Josh Crockett and Gary Weier (ep. 5), biblical and systematic theology with Ken Casillas and Layton Talbert (ep. 6–7), and the 400th anniversary of the pilgrims’ journey to America with Mark Sidwell and Neal Cushman. Topics range from current issues to practical ministry to theological discussions.

10. New Testament Review

I encountered this podcast as I was preparing for my Ph.D. comprehensive exam. I found out later that the hosts of this podcast, Ian Mills and Laura Robinson, started the podcast as a reflection on the things they studied while preparing for their Ph.D. comprehensive exam at Duke. The topics in this podcast center on historical criticism, mostly in the New Testament. Perhaps this is a podcast more suited for those pursuing a Ph.D. in New Testament or anyone interested in New Testament scholarship. Topics include discussion on the works of Raymond Brown, Walter Bauer, Adolf Deissmann, Adolf von Harnack, Richard Hays, Richard Bauckham, William Wrede, and E. P. Sanders. I have to include this caveat: this is not a podcast for understanding the New Testament per se; rather, the discussion is on understanding New Testament thinkers. I’m also not certain whether both hosts are confessional evangelicals, but they are well-learned scholars.

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