Recommended Podcasts – Part 1

Whether I’m driving on the highway, running on the elliptical, or playing NBA 2K, I like to tune in to some podcasts. I have classified them into two categories. In this post, I’ll list podcasts for learning the Bible and pastoral ministry. Next week’s post will be on podcasts for academic discussions (see here).

1. Bible Talk

Bible Talk has now become my new favorite podcast. This is the newest podcast produced by 9Marks, featuring Alex Duke, Sam Emadi, and Jim Hamilton. With so many Bible-type podcasts out there, I was skeptical if this would be good at the beginning. Boy, I was wrong. In their first season, they walked through the Book of Genesis, commenting on intertextual connections, repeated patterns, parallels, and wrestling through interpretation difficulties in the passage. One may not agree with all the intertextual connections that they make, but many of them I think are compelling. Lots of scholarship behind the conversation, but a listener does not need to know Greek or Hebrew to understand the conversation. Theological jargon is explained and defined, so this can be a podcast for anyone in the church.

2. Bible Study Magazine Podcast

My friend and fellow-BJU grad, Mark Ward, interviews several well-known Bible scholars to talk about Bible study. Mark is witty, engaging, and fun to listen to. Plus, the all-star guests in this podcast include the likes of Kevin Vanhoozer, Michael Kruger, Leland Ryken, Tim Challies, Vern Poythress, Rosaria Butterfield, H. B. Charles, and Wayne Grudem! There is also BJU representation with Brian Collins, Andy Naselli, and Ken Casillas. This podcast is produced by Faithlife, the producer of Logos Bible Software.

3. Pastors Talk

Jonathan Leeman and Mark Dever from 9Marks talk about pastoral ministry. They occasionally have other guests with them. You would think that a podcast about pastoral ministry would run out of topics to talk about, but this podcast is now over 100 episodes and still going. Previous topics discussed include pastoral calling, missionaries and churches, church revitalization, pastoral pay, receiving criticism as a pastor, political disagreements in the church, and on the use and abuse of authority. I highly recommend this for all pastors, aspiring pastors, and church members who love their pastors.

4. Ask Pastor John Podcast

Who does not love APJ? This podcast has been running for several years now and I would think that Tony Reinke would run out of questions, but no they have not. When there are no new questions for Pastor John, Tony would play sermon clips or invite guests like Tim Keller or D. A. Carson. Though I may a few times disagree with John Piper’s interpretation of Scripture, I can be assured that Piper’s answers are all based from Scripture. Piper makes me think, read my Bible, and see the beauty of Christ.

5. Five Minutes in Church History

To be honest, I haven’t tuned in to Stephen Nichols’ 5 Minutes in Church History in a while (I was busy studying for my comprehensive exams). But this weekly podcast that is always around 5 minutes is fun and enjoyable. Anyone who doesn’t care about history may change his mind after tuning in here. In just 5 minutes, Nichols presents a theological truth and/or an anecdote from church history that not only helps you learn new things but also leaves you edified.

6. Preachers Talk

Here is another fairly new podcast focused on preaching, sponsored by 9Marks and Charles Simeon Trust. The hosts are David Helm, Jeremy Meeks, and K. Edward Copland. Lots to learn about preaching here from experienced preachers. Some episodes I liked were on “Inebriated Preaching” (ep. 3), on planning a preaching calendar (ep. 8), on giving and receiving feedback on preaching (ep. 9), and on discerning a structure of a biblical text (ep. 12). I recommend this for all new preachers and aspiring preachers.

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