John MacArthur in the Ben Shapiro Show

In the Sunday Special Episode 29 of the Ben Shapiro Show, Ben interviews long-time pastor-teacher, John MacArthur. JMac answers all kinds of cultural and religious questions from the perspective of evangelical Christianity. MacArthur exhibits firm conviction on Scriptural truth with sincerity, care, love, and humility. 

Topics discussed at various points of the interview include the biblical and gospel-centered view of politics, authority, culture, individual rights, freedom of speech, revolution, reformation, enlightenment, hermeneutics, veracity of Scripture, slavery in the Bible, LGBT, Israel, the Old Testament, Judaism, Isaiah 53, and the identity and work of Jesus Christ.

Throughout the interview, MacArthur keeps going back to the Gospel again and again and again. This is a must-watch. It’s informative, heart-warming, and edifying. Click below:

1 thought on “John MacArthur in the Ben Shapiro Show”

  1. I really enjoyed the discussion on the Ben Shapiro show with John MacArthur He was right on with the pulse of the political arena in todays society.

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