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New Covenant Themes in the Cana Cycle: A Literary-Theological Reading of John 2-4

Below is a video of my presentation of “New Covenant Themes in the Cana Cycle” in the New and Living Way podcast. I’m thankful to RD Pineda for the gracious invite.

Here is the brief outline:

Preliminary Comments
1. Historical Backdrop
1.1. Authorship
1.2. Date
2. Structure of John’s Gospel (Cana Cycle)
3. Methodology
3.1. Literary-Theological Reading
3.2. New Covenant Theme

Discussion Proper
1. New Wine (2:1-12)
2. New Temple (2:13-22)
3. New Birth (3:1-15)
4. New Worshipers (4:19-26)
5. New [Covenant] People (John 3-4)

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