MacArthur: I’m deeply troubled by the rhetoric about “social justice” in evangelical circles

At this time, I’m working on my prospectus for my dissertation. I’ll disclose my full topic once this project is done, but the broad theme is on “church unity.” The truth of the matter is: there are a lot of things that divide God’s people today. Some of them are necessary; some are not. While the levels of division vary out of importance or practicality, some divisions ought not to be.

Screen-Shot-2018-09-04-at-9.15.25-AM-768x408Within evangelicalism today, a division is now taking place over the issue of “social justice.” John MacArthur of Grace Community Church is in the forefront of calling the church back to the centrality of the gospel. After blogging on the necessity of this controversy (see the first blog post here), an official doctrinal statement with affirmations and denials has been posted online today (Sept. 4, 2018). The initial signatories include John MacArthur, James White, and Voddie Baucham to name a few. There are now 2,216 signatures as of the writing of this post.

To read the doctrinal statement and to sign if you agree, click here. MacArthur’s article on “No Division in the Body” is also worth reading. #SocialJusticeStatement

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